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Solved Oops, Unyson Backup requires PHP Zip module but it is not enabled on your server. If you are not familiar with PHP Zip module, please .ZipArchive Not installed ZipArchive is required for. Please contact your server administrator and ask them to enable it. So please install this .PHP zip archive is a process or tool installed on your web hosting server that enable PHP script command to archive a file or zip and unzip a file or you can say compress a file and extract a compressed file..If I upload it [the php.ini file] in to the root directory of my website. Is there any way to take the uploaded php.ini instead of default php.ini ?.

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    . Hosting para WordPress. Una vez dispongamos de un dominio para WordPress necesitamos un hosting, una carpeta con cierto espacio alojada en un servidor fiable y que nos asegure un de disponiblidad, es decir, que nuestra web siempre se encuentre accesible. Para instalar WordPress es imprescindible que el hosting nos de soporte para php y bases de datos MySQL..

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    Slackware is a Linux distribution created by Patrick Volkerding in . Originally based on Softlanding Linux System, Slackware has been the basis for many other Linux distributions, most notably the first versions of SUSE Linux distributions, and is the oldest distribution that is still maintained Slackware aims for design stability and simplicity and to be the most “Unix like” Linux .

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    VIS A network seems to be shifted when shown against the background map from BING Maps or OpenStreetMap. The reason for this shift is the difference in map datum, used by the coordinate system of the network and the coordinate system of the background map usually Sphere Mercator ..

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